The Gusrae Kaplan law firm is nothing but a bunch of sleazy attorneys with an office at the end of Wall Street. They should be one block over - in the East River. The firm is currently (1/6/14) under investigation by the Disciplinary Division of the Appellate Court. What Jorge Dopico did was refuse to issue sanctions against Gusrae Kaplan based on evidence that only showed that Burt Gusrae worked at the SEC Office in a different section.

Gusrae Kaplan and the Bogus Attorney Grievance Committee by AJ Weberman on Scribd

All thanks to the genius at the firm who hired Steve Rombom as a PI. Before you hire them believing they have some "in" with the SEC because their founder was "Head of the Enforcement Division of the SEC" read this:

Bert Lee Gusrae Founder of Gusrae Kaplan Fraudulent Resume by AJ Weberman

In the United States, companies that offer web hosting services are shielded from liability for most content that customers or malicious users place on the websites they host. Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, 47 U.S.C. § 230 (Section 230). protects hosting providers from liability for content placed on these websites by their customers or other parties. The statute states that no provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider. Most courts find that a web hosting provider qualifies as a provider of an interactive computer service. Although this protection is usually applied to defamatory remarks, most federal circuits have interpreted Section 230 broadly, providing federal immunity to any cause of action that would make service providers liable for information originating with a third-party user of the service.

I informed you of the law. This is to warn you of my intention to file a complaint against Gusrae Kaplan in USDC-SDNY for violating my right to free speech by intimidating my internet service provider if is discontinued. The smartest thing you could have done would be to ignore me as this will only bring more attention to your firm. Sure that’s it! It’s the end of the fiscal year and you have to attribute the decrease in revenues to something – my website. You should not have employed Steve Rombom, a disreputable PI.

Gusrae Kaplan has a new website that has no mention of Burt being Chief of Enforcement SEC NY Field Office. Cost the thousands of bucks but that is the price tag you pay for accusing me of stealing from an anti-Nazi organization and representing Rombom. The Attorney Grievance Committee sent me the papers its investigations was based on after turning me down because I applied under FOIA rather than citing a judicial rule. The is no reference to Burt having been Chief of Enforcement at the NY Field Office of the Securities and exchange commission in fact one of the documents - i believe Exhibit B - has no reference to him at all. This prove that Dopico covered up for this law firm since not only was there no evidence, other than a stupid plaque that anyone could have altered, and justs says "Bert L. Gusrae Chief Attorney NY Regional Office 1962-1967"

Departmental Disciplinary Committee Ruling by AJ Weberman


Gusrae Kaplan Nusbaum Complaint by AJ Weberman


Gusrae Kaplan Nusbaum's Answer to my Complaint. by AJ Weberman


The Attorney General of New York State is investigating Gusrae Kaplan Nusbaum. Here is the case I make agai... by AJ Weberman


The Wall Street securities firm which was represented by Bert Gusrae was raided and in a sweep by Federal drug agents is also suspected by the Government of having engaged in widespread securities fraud, but there are no immediate plans to close it, according to law-enforcement officials. ''We believe there are longstanding violations of the securities laws, but they are just allegations at this time,'' said Robert Plotz, the assistant United States Attorney handling the case. ''I would be hesitant about trying to close them down on this basis. We are investigating to see what charges, if any, we might file.' NYC DEA head Stutman called the drug-abuse problem at Brooks Weinger "endemic. U.S. Attorney Rudolph W. Giuliani said that "cocaine was used as a method of exchange" within the firm. One broker for Brooks Weinger was accused of sending a free sample of heroin to a potential client via a messenger service. Other representatives of the firm used cocaine to trade for stock information or new customer leads from Robbins, investigators said. An affidavit also said an individual was hired as a broker for the firm because he was a trusted source of cocaine. In addition, on one occasion, a principal of a company whose stock Brooks was about to offer to the public, IMF Inc., was given cocaine in exchange for $10,000 worth of stock, officials charged. The firm had been in trouble even before the 1987 busts, according to a New York Times investigation, which revealed that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission charged the firm with stock manipulation once in 1976 and twice in 1981. The firm settled each charge without admitting guilt, but was ultimately suspended from underwriting "over-the-counter" stocks for two and a half years. Gusrae had used his influence to get them off the hook.


A group identified by regulators as mostly Russian nationals, led by an unlicensed broker named Vadim Kaplun, sold investors stock in a company they controlled that owned 51 percent of a defunct producer of mugs and T-shirts whose plant had been destroyed by a chemical explosion in Lodi, N.J. The Mugs Plus shares were sold to investors across the country, first by Securities Planners and later by a fake brokerage firm, called Campbell & Prudential Securities, which itself was owned by Mugs Plus. Investors lost almost $1 million, most of which was transferred to a purported used-car company operating out of the home of Mikhail Rukhlin in Brooklyn. Most of that money was withdrawn through A.T.M. machines or checks paid to cash; state lawyers were told that the money had been sent to Russia, although they could not confirm that.

In a settlement last fall, Mr. Kaplun and Mr. Rukhlin agreed to repay investors and have already put more than $100,000 into an escrow account, said Martin H. Kaplan, a partner in the firm of Gusrae, Kaplan & Bruno who represents Mr. Kaplun and Mr. Rukhlin. Mr. Kaplan said the principals in Mugs Plus unintentionally violated state laws and, ''recognizing their inadvertent violations, agreed to settle with the Attorney General, including the offer of recission to investors.'' New York Times

How do we know Kaplun was in the Russian mob? His Rabbi was the Russian Mob Rabbi according to the VILLAGE VOICE.

Criminal Investigation of Gusrae Kaplan Partner Martin Russo

Supreme Court Judge Refers Inna Gudavadze's Lawyer Martin Russo for Criminal Investigation

On April 2, 2010, Manhattan Judge Bernard Fried signed an order referring Gudavadze's lawyer Martin Russo and her associate, French national Jean-Yves Haouzi, to Manhattan District Attorney's Office for investigation.

On March 31, 2010, Russo and Haouzi, accompanied by approximately 20 armed men, invaded the premises of Ajna Bar by physical force, threatened the employees and locked out the Ajna's officers and management, according to documents filed in court by Ajna president, Nina Zajic. Ajna Bar (formerly Buddha Bar NYC) is an internationally acclaimed dining and entertainment establishment, regularly featured in major international media, including New York Times, New York Post, USA Today, Bloomberg News, Newsday; and others.

Haouzi and Russo, in a gangland manner, endeavored an apparently long-planned raid upon Ajna's premises, ransacking the premises and locking out its legitimate management... broke into the safe and removed over $50,000 in cash" according to the Zajic affidavit. MT has learned that approximately 25 employees of Ajna, who witnessed the event, have signed affidavits describing the raid. "I have never seen anything like this" said Judge Fried, at the court hearing on April 1, 2010. Judges in civil cases rarely resort to referring lawyers for criminal investigations. It is believed that the raid was ordered by Gudavadze and her Liechtenstein proxy, Andrew Baker. When Police arrived on the scene, Russo showed the officers copies of "resolutions" signed by Baker.

Gudavadze was recently named defendant in the wrongful death lawsuit, which alleges that she, in conspiracy with former Russian "oligarch" Boris Berezovsky, murdered her husband, Georgian billionaire and philanthropist Badri Patarkatsishvili, in order to seize his fortune (See: Gudavadze, Berezovsky, Implicated in Death of Badri Patarkatsishvili, Lawsuit Alleges (MT).

Justice Fried was appointed a Judge of the Criminal Court of the City of New York in 1980 and designated in 1984 as an Acting Justice of the Criminal Branch of the Supreme Court, but also presided in civil matters. Manhattan DA's Office apparently has not yet received Justice Fried's referral order. Ms. Zajic and Mr. Haouzi were not immediately available for comment.

Was Badri Patarkatsishvili Murdered?

Witness Accuses Gudavadze's Lawyers of Suborning Perjury

Rod Dozorov

Dec 08|19:52

At the hearing held in New York Supreme Court on December 5, 2010, a non-party witness Robert Mingels testified that Martin Russo and Marlen Kruzhkov of New York law firm Gusrae Kaplan, Bruno & Nussbaum, asked him to lie under oath and destroy evidence. Russo tried to discredit Mingels on cross-examination but unsuccessfully. Mingels looking straight in Russo’s eyes repeated: "Mr. Russo, you told me to lie under oath." Gusrae, Kaplan, Bruno and Nusbaum PLLCGusrae Kaplan, a small Wall Street firm specializing in securities quarrels, is defending Inna Gudavadze against allegations that she murdered her husband, Georgian billionaire and philanthropist to grab his fortune and out of jealousy for another woman. (Gudavadze, Berezovsky, Implicated in Death of Badri Patarkatsishvili, Lawsuit Alleges, MT-Newswire, 1/22/10).

Recently, a U.S. District Court Judge David Homer has held Gusrae Kaplan's and Martin Russo's client Timothy McGinn in contempt for his involvement with a new financial firm, in violation of his preliminary injunction, as reported by The Business Review (Judge Holds McGinn in Contempt).

Judge, who is hearing the SEC’s civil suit against McGinn and former McGinn Smith & Co. Inc. partner David Smith, said McGinn violated a preliminary injunction when he set out to raise $543,000 through Rensselaer-based Security Alarm Credit. Homer enjoined McGinn from taking part in the note offering and from participating in any securities sales without prior court approval. He also froze Security Alarm’s assets and ordered McGinn to return any funds that may have been collected from investors.

Presiding judge Bernard Fried appeared to be somewhat bewildered by Mingel’s testimony. In the preceding week, Fried was clearly signaling that he was leaning towards Gusrae Kaplan repeatedly scolding Little Rest Twelve’s lawyers. Little Rest Twelve is a holding company of Ajna Bar, a world renowned New York restaurant, formerly Buddha Bar NYC. Buddha Bar had changed its name to "Ajna" in late 2008 but many still refer to it by its original name.

Mingel’s blistering testimony comes on the heels of a testimony of Gusrae Kaplan's Joseph Gil, a former controller of Buddha Bar. On direct examination by Russo, Gil’s testimony appeared to be fatal to the defenders of the current owners of Little Rest Twelve. However, on cross-examination, vigorously questioned by Little Rest Twelve’s lawyers Emanuel Zeltser and Bruce Katz, Gil admitted that he lied regarding almost all critical points of his direct testimony. "So you swore to God that you were telling the truth?" - Katz demanded. "Yes" Gil softly replied. Judge Fried on several occasions instructed Gil to keep his voice up. To repeated questions, why Gil made false statement during his direct testimony, Gil by and large replied "I don’t know".

Gil admitted that prior to his testimony, he entered into a secret agreement with Gusrae Kaplan. Russo then presented this agreement to the court. The agreement essentially provided that Gil must testify in accordance with the affidavit attached to the agreement in exchange for approximately $17,000 in cash and consulting agreement with Buddha Bar providing for the payment to Gil of$150 an hour for "consulting services".

Mingels testified that Gil spoke to him about his forthcoming testimony and said that he was asked to lie by Gusrae Kaplan’s lawyers. Mingels told him not to do that.

Prior to Gil’s testimony, Gusrae Kaplan called their own client Jean-Yves Haouzi. As Gil, Haouzi appeared confident on direct questioning by Russo. He testified that he was the "sole director" of Little Rest Twelve since its inception and that Buddha’s current CEO Nina Zajic has never been a director of the company. On cross-examination however, Buddha’s lawyers got Haouzi to admit that in 2008, signed and swore to the truth of a counterclaim where Haouzi alleged that in reality Zajic was a director of the company. Asked by judge Fried to explain these inconsistencies Haouzi said "You would have to ask my attorney" and "I mean I don’t know exactly ... Because I have to speak with my lawyers" referring to Gusrae Kaplan.

Russo As reported here, on March 31, 2010, Martin Russo a member of Gusrae Kaplan, leading a pack of 20 armed men raided premises of Ajna Bar, threatened employees and locked out Ajna's management. When police arrived at the scene, Russo managed to persuade them to leave by representing himself as "lawyer" for the landmark restaurant. Russo also fooled the cops by alluding that he had "court order" permitting him to raid the place, according to court documents. On April 2, 2010, judge Fried signed an order referring Russo and Haouzi to Manhattan District Attorney's Office for investigation (See: Supreme Court Judge Refers Inna Gudavadze's Lawyer for Criminal Investigation). Judge Fried has a difficult task. Suborning perjury by a lawyer is grave offense and may have significant consequences on lawyer's career. "The allegations made in the open court by Mingels, combined with the preceding testimonies of Haouzi and Gil, present serious and credible evidence requiring the judge at least to hold an immediate hearing on the matter" said one observer - - we’ll just need to wait and see what he does. Gusrae Kaplan did not immediately reply to our calls for comment. Mr. Zeltser’s said through his secretary that he could not comment on ongoing court proceedings. Source: NewsLand™

Liechtenstein Trustee Andrew Baker Accused of Fraud, Money Laundering in US Courts Gudavadze Link Seen ...

Andrew Baker, a UK solicitor residing in Liechtenstein attempted to steal clients’ assets entrusted to him through an elaborate offshore scheme, according to the documents filed in courts in Miami and New York. Baker is sued by Fisher Island Investments, Inc., a holding company of Fisher Island, world renowned residential community for "rich and famous", home to Oprah Winfrey, Andre Agassi and many others.

According to court filings, in early 2006, Baker approached Fisher Island management and offered his services as a lawyer and "cross-border tax and financial planning consultant."

Sources suggest that Baker was recommended by Hypo Investment Bank (Liechtenstein) AG. Late last year Hypo was purchased by Valartis Bank.

Claiming to be an expert on minimizing taxes and improving management efficiency of international companies, Baker assured Fisher Island management that he can help in its international expansion. Baker recommended a so-called "global financial planning structure," whereas Fisher Island should place all its assets into offshore trusts, with Baker as trustee. Baker assured Fisher Island management that his role of a "trustee" would be strictly nominal and solely for the tax and financial planning purposes. He even provided an undated resignation letter, so that Fisher Island could remove him at any time. Based upon Baker's sleek presentation and posture, Fisher Island hired Baker as its international financial and tax planning consultant, and permitted Baker to effect his "global structure", court papers allege.

However, in the latter part of 2007, Fisher Island management began to question the expertise and veracity of Baker, court documents reflect. Fisher Island retained prominent tax and legal experts to conduct inquiry, and Baker’s current and prior business practices were called into question. After analyzing Baker’s offshore structure one expert issued a damning report referring to Baker’s structure as "sham" that is "clearly reminiscent of a classic money laundering scheme, indeed rustic at that." Expert report explained that "these structures had been utilized a lot in the 90s and international financial institutions and law enforcement authorities are well familiar with them" noting that "today’s money-laundering schemes are far more sophisticated and less obvious". Report concludes: "I strongly recommend that you fire this fellow at your earliest opportunity and make sure that he returns all assets to their original positions".

But when Fisher Island advised Baker's of its decision to discontinue his services Baker declined to step down and declared that he and his Liechtenstein entity Miselva will continue to be in control of Fisher Island and its assets. Miselva known as "establishment" or "Anshtald", is a corporate form that is unique to Liechtenstein and enjoys extraordinary secrecy under Liechtenstein law. In 2000, Liechtenstein was placed on the "black list" of countries promoting money laundering. According to Liechtenstein official registry Miselva belongs to Baker and his wife Christine Maria Baker, a citizen of Liechtenstein. Click here to see the Complaint against Baker and his accomplices online.

The Gudavadze Connection

During his pre-trial court-ordered questioning by plaintiffs’ lawyers, Baker admitted that he essentially switched sides and now considers Inna Gudavadze the new "beneficiary" of his trust and its assets, including the Fisher Island. Gudavadze, former estranged wife of the late Russian billionaire-investor, Badri Patarkatsishvili, has been engaged in bitter court battles in several countries for control of Fisher Island and other assets, which she claims to be her inheritance of Badri.

A lawsuit against Gudavadze, and Boris Berezovsky, former partner of Patarkatsishvili is also pending in New York State Supreme Court. The complaint alleges that "significant evidence shows that the decedent’s death was caused by intentional unlawful acts of defendant Inna Gudavadze, Badri’s widow, in conspiracy with defendant Boris Berezovsky, a notorious Russian "oligarch" wanted by Interpol on international arrest warrants." Complaint also alleges that "defendants have devised and carried out a nefarious plan of intentionally or grossly negligently causing the death of Mr. Patarkatsishvili, a billionaire investor and philanthropist, in order to usurp control over his vast assets." Gudavadze’s motive for murdering Patarkatsishvili, in addition to money, was jealousy of Patarkatsishvili’s relationship with his second wife Olga Safonova, with whom the decedent had son David, according to the complaint. See: Gudavadze, Berezovsky, Implicated in Death of Badri Patarkatsishvili, Lawsuit Alleges

Apparent Pattern Seen

Baker is not a novice to being sued by his clients. In March 2006, Global Yachting, a New York company, filed a lawsuit against Baker in New York Supreme Court alleging that Baker engaged in fraud, misrepresentations, breach of contract, unlawfully trading on the name and reputation of his clients and divulging confidential information entrusted to him. Baker quickly settled the suit on the terms that are not known.

Fisher Island will request investigation of the Baker's practices by the US and Liechtenstein authorities. Baker denies that he engaged in fraud against his former clients, or money laundering activity. Source: MT~Newswire


MOSCOW—Boris Berezovsky, the man who more than any other came to epitomize the oligarchs of 1990s Russia, died Saturday at a residence outside London, capping a life that saw the heights of power and wealth before witnessing diminished fortunes in exile. Mr. Berezovsky, 67, was a former academic mathematician who developed into one of Russia's best-known Russian mafia tycoons in an era of privatization, violence and cutthroat capitalism that defined Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union. British police confirmed Mr. Berezovsky was found dead in his residence in Ascot, England, a town about 40 kilimeters west of London. An employee at the home said he found Mr. Berezovsky on Saturday afternoon, after forcing open a bathroom door that had been locked from the inside. Police said they carried out a forensic exam of the scene, and chemical and radiation experts also searched the residence and found no hazardous materials in the home. Thames Valley Police issued a statement saying they hadn't yet determined a cause of death, but that "we do not have any evidence at this stage to suggest third-party involvement."


After a two-year long investigation, the SEC has notified Gusrae Kaplan Nusbaum PLLC that it will not be recommending any enforcement action by the Commission against Gusrae Kaplan’s client and its principals. Gusrae Kaplan represented a Real Estate firm in an SEC investigation that focused on possible violations of federal securities laws and abuse of capital formation. The SEC investigated losses incurred from real estate investments resulting from the Great Recession when the estate was unable to generate sufficient cash flow to satisfy junior debt funded by the Real Estate firm and its investors. Why is a multi-million dollar law firm pursuing this case? What is in it for Gusrae Kaplan? Visit our sister website to find out what the Jewish Defense Organization has cooked up to deal with this traitor to the Jewish people.

Deposition in Rombom v Weberman by AJ Weberman

This is a complaint against the crooked PI Gusrae Kaplan employs to conduct its investigations.